2018.04.22 – 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 – Our Tendency to Overthink Evangelism

How do we overthink evangelism?


2018.04.15 – Ecclesiastes 2:4-11 – Restless Hearts Run Free

Our hearts remain restless unless they find their rest in God. What can we learn from the cycle of our lives, and the Teacher’s life in Ecclesiastes?


There is a moment on certain days that I treasure.

On certain Tuesday nights, after I roll the bins out to the kerb for pickup the next day, I look up and down the street. At the right times, there are no cars and no people. It’s an unfamiliar sound, or lack thereof that I hear—silence.

If the conditions are just right, I can look up and see countless stars.

And if the conditions are really just right, I won’t have brought my phone with me.

The Bible talks about a prophet named Elijah who finds God, not in a great and powerful wind; not in a mighty earthquake; not in a roaring fire; but in the quiet—in a low whisper.

It’s often in these quiet moments that I find myself experiencing something… peculiar. Something other.

I see the blackness of vast space above me, and the myriad stars dotted throughout, and I wonder.

Time seems to stretch out in those times.

My thoughts are all-consuming, and yet easily laid aside. I can hear nothing, and yet I feel as though I can sense everything.

These times are fewer and farther in between.

As said, the conditions have to be just right. The moments come only on a certain night of the week, when there are no other distractions around—no cars, no people.

But the greatest distraction, the most difficult condition to fulfil, I find, is that my phone is not with me.